The History of Antijob's Emergence

Manifesto | Presumption of Class Guilt

Our site has been in existence for over 20 years. Back in the year 2000, the idea for this project was born at a meeting of the Moscow group of Autonomous Action.

Our goal is to infiltrate the area of labor conflicts, to propagate our ideas there, and to learn from examples of worker struggle ourselves. This portal is not a clone of some Western movement; it is a concept that we came up with.

We moved from hosting to hosting (,,,, continuing to evolve. In Russia, numerous clones appeared instantly, some even borrowed our name (by the way, they removed information about dishonest employers for money, making them just as fraudulent), some of which have already faded into obscurity, while the rest are heading the same way.

In different countries, similar initiatives to Antijob periodically appeared and continue to appear, but there was nothing exactly the same anywhere.
Initially, we were oriented towards what was closer to us. Firstly, the labor market of Moscow, and secondly - its youth segment. Then we found ourselves in a field different from the overwhelming majority of leftist labor projects in Russia: months-long salary delays, massive factory collectives, corrupt trade unions, unemployment... All of this, if it relates to us at all, is not in the first place. The line of our front passes through unregulated working hours, underpaid wages (relative to what was promised initially), self-willed and rude behavior of management, the fantastic grimaces of corporate ethics, and so forth.

Our project has been repeatedly blocked by Roskomnadzor, attacked by hackers, and attempts were made to DDoS it. But we are alive.

Years later, we now have supporters in different cities of Russia and Ukraine, hundreds of cases of helping workers resolve labor conflicts, and we are looking for new paths at the intersection of politics and technology to strengthen the movement for free and fair labor.
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