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Issues with the website

The website is not working. What should I do?

If there's an announcement about ongoing technical maintenance, please wait a bit. If you see a message stating that the website is blocked, use a VPN, the TOR browser, or the frigate plugin to bypass the block. If you encounter a different error, write to us at info@antijob.net and we will investigate the issue.

I can't post a review. What should I do?

Check if your browser version is outdated—if it is, update it. If problems persist after updating, write to us at info@antijob.net with a description of the situation and attach the text of your review. We will publish it manually and try to resolve the issue to save both your time and ours in the future.

I wrote a review, but it wasn't published.

Review moderation is done manually, so sometimes it can take up to a week. We do not publish positive reviews or service reviews. If your review is advertising or spam, it will not be published. If you are sure that you did everything correctly and the review was not published, write to us at info@antijob.net.

There are several other Antijob websites on the internet, but they are different. Why did they appear?

Websites that copy ours either have commercial goals, trying to monetize traffic that is in demand, or are created by companies that have been reviewed on our site, in an attempt to damage the project's reputation, for example by taking money to remove reviews. We currently only recognize three domains: antijob.net, antijob.info, antijob.tf. All lead to one service. Be vigilant!

Why this new website design and changes?! It's become very unfamiliar and inconvenient, bring everything back!

The old site was familiar, and we understand that, but we do not have the resources to support a transition period. The new format was created to ensure its security and modernity and to actively develop the project. If you have difficulties with the new functionality, we are always ready to help and advise—write to us at info@antijob.net.

I wrote a review/comment, but the issue has been resolved and I want to delete it, what should I do?

There is a personal account section on the website which you can access by logging in. In the personal account, you have the option to delete your reviews and comments. If the review was created before the site update, write to us at info@antijob.net, and we will verify the information. If the review is anonymous, try to remember where you kept the unique key issued when creating the review. This is the simplest way to confirm authorship.


My employer found out that I authored a review. Have you been leaking information for money?

We do not provide any information to employers or third parties. Review authors need to understand that it is often possible to identify dissatisfied employees, especially if the company's workforce is small. There have been instances where an employer hacked into an employee's email or browser. Therefore, it is best to write a review through a VPN, using your browser's "incognito mode" (which does not save history), not to use your work email, and to set a strong password on your personal email.

My employer is threatening me with lawsuits and the police; what should I do?

From our experience, in most cases, these threats are groundless. Legally proving that you wrote the review is almost impossible unless you admit to it yourself. We, on our part, do not disclose any of your information. Lawsuits over reputation protection are costly for the employer, and they do not prevent a repeat review. Therefore, many prefer to intimidate employees, which generally reflects the essence of the age-old conflict between the worker and the employer.

A complaint was filed against me with the police/a lawsuit was filed over a review. If you are asked for information, will you provide it?

No, even if President Putin or the Pope writes to us, you can be sure that they will not receive your data. The reason for our confidence is simple: an external "demander" cannot be sure that we are sending truthful data. Why wouldn't we send them a random set of characters instead of the author's email address, or the IP of one of the TOR network nodes?

I left reviews on your site, but now they have appeared on others. Does this mean that you shared them along with my data?

Copycat websites do indeed exist, and there are many quick ways to copy any content from any site. However, we never publish or give out your contacts anywhere, so no one can claim them.

Some reviews on your site contain names and surnames; why don't you remove them? Do you only care about your own anonymity?

We care about the anonymity of authors. The anonymity of employers or company management does not concern us. Making the fact of exploitation public is the first step in the fight against it.

Employers' Questions

I am an employer. What can I do to have a review removed?

We will not remove a review, but you can always start by complying with the Labor Code.

So what if there are reviews about all employers, all negative, how are enterprises supposed to exist?

Enterprises should exist in a different format. Exploiting workers for pennies, strict hierarchies, and owners siphoning off profits - all this should be a thing of the past. A model for us is the cooperative or guild system, in which all employees of the enterprise participate in the management of the enterprise and the distribution of profits. However, there are also many other forms with more pleasant management styles where the focus is not on profit but on the comfort of the workers. This will not completely rid companies of complaints, but it will certainly reduce their number and severity.

Ethical Questions

You publish reviews without checking facts. Can everything people write on the internet be trusted? Are you sure about their correctness?

We default to trusting workers rather than employers. This is our political stance. We also believe in the awareness of those who read the reviews—they can evaluate the arguments themselves.

I work for the company, and what's written in the review is untrue. Why does it get through moderation?

Because we adhere to the presumption of guilt for the employer. The worker, especially in Russia where the trade union movement is too weak, is the vulnerable party, and we provide an opportunity to compensate for this inequality. This may be called positive discrimination based on class.

Other resources claim that "Antijob" has changed and now sells information and removes reviews, is this true?

We remove reviews, the reasons for which are described in the answers above, but "commercial removal" is not among them. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we send out responses multiple times saying "we don’t remove reviews for money." The only way to get a review removed is to satisfy the demands of the author.

We are anonymous, it's hard to influence us through courts or police, so the most accessible option for offended employers is to try to damage our reputation in response. However, if you have questions about the removal of a particular review, we are always ready to explain our motives.

There are ads on the internet saying "we remove reviews from antijob.net" and some reviews do disappear from the site. Does this mean that you actually remove reviews for money?

No, we do not remove reviews for money. In our social networks, we periodically publish offers we receive for the removal of a review (which sometimes reach up to 150,000 rubles). Such a format is fundamentally unacceptable to us; it goes against our policy. Nevertheless, we do remove reviews if the person who published them writes to us that the conflict has been resolved (for example, the employer paid the salary). Sometimes we receive demands to remove a review from the Roskomnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media).

Why do you publish all sorts of obscure articles and books? Even about politics, when the site is for reviews?

We are anarchists and anti-capitalists, so the reasons for creating and developing the site are political. The reviews that are written to our site are stories about individual cases that add up to a larger picture of class conflict. When a hundred thousand texts and even more comments talk about deception, disrespect to employees, and abuse of power, it's hard to stay outside of politics and not think about exploitation, class interests, and the political situation.

Your comments are full of insults, why don't you moderate them?!

Because we don't have such resources and don't consider their moderation necessary. However, we are willing to moderate some things upon your request. This list includes: racist, chauvinistic, sexist, homophobic statements and passages.

If you know of a question that we should answer, send it to us at Info@antijob.net.
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